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Asylum Con - Saturday Report

If you for whatever reason want to take any photo please link back to this post and credit me =)

Friday Report!
Asylum Photos part 1: All guests, J&J panel and Amy/Sam/Matt
Photos Part 2: Jensen & Richard panels

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- Getting up this morning was as sucky as it could get! I was hungry, tired and grumpy, yet a little more hopeful despite friday being hell part of the convention.

- Me and Tanja (angels_cordy) went down to sit in line for the opening and first stage talk (with Jared and Jensen) and the line was already long. We got out the room door like 6.00 in the morning!

- No breakfast. No lunch. No dinner. I didn't eat anything other then a little cracker and a protein bar today. I just forgot about it. That's not good! I took the protein bar when it actually started hurting and after that I didn't really think more about it. Following morning was so bad though that I HAD to get breakfast no matter what.

- We got nice enough seats for the J&J's stage talk. Tanja vanished so I sat with Martina (Tinkabell007) and her friend.

- Everything was delayed again, but they showed music videos on the big screen. Some were very good, but one video had the most unfitting song ever O_o Awkward!

- They played songs LOUD while waiting. Was kinda cool haha. Like Lady Gaga, U2 etc...

- We waited and waited and waited until the guests walked out into the room and then behind the big screens. Then we waited again.

- Then the guests came on stage. Charles, Fredric, Gabriel, Samantha, Amy, Matt, Misha, Richard, Jensen, Jared and Jason.

- The three J's were left on stage. Jared, Jensen and Jason along with the boss himself Doug (later Doug-y by Charles haha).

- Heard that there were still coffee lounges for sall so I went to that table and bought tickets for Amy and Samantha on sunday and Richard on sunday as well.

- Bought raffle tickets for Misha's coffee lounge on sunday as well

- One of the coffee lounge tickets i bought for Jensen's raffle was "666" I think this was on friday for saturday coffee lounge though, but... still funny! Didn't win though.

- Jared and Jensen's talk, you have most likely heard what was said by now anyway. Unless it was in Jared's lone-panel, Jared said his scenes in When the Levee Breaks is probably the hardest he have ever done! He did an amazing job and he was thankful when people said that

- Jensen think In the Beginning was hardest since Jared wasn't there.

- Jason is a sneaky bastard who seem to be on the fangirl's side haha

- Jared and Jensen seem to wonder if everything is a code for something naughty.

- Richard had a panel after J&J, but I had to leave because I had photo op with Jensen.

- I ran a bit back and forth between the autograph room and photo room, not sure where to queue. I didn't want to risk loosing my autograph with Jared, but I didn't want to loose my photo op with Jensen either. My annoyance for Rouge Event started to build again, but everything went just fine and I had lady luck with me. I was told to go to Jensen first, so I did.

- Jensen smiled to me when I came in and said "Hi" and "How are you" and I only answered "Hi". haha. I regretted that, but as I was to answer how I was, the photographer tok the photo haha. Jensen looks so dreamy in the photos. It's cute XD I was dissapointed with them just sitting there, but I can understand them. It's just stupid that some perverted horny fangirls shall ruin everything for fans that do behave!

- I went to watch a little of Richard's panel, somewhere in the middle of it. Oh he was totally speaking of his beard again and tried to find somebody that liked it. "Do you love the Trickster?", "Yes", "Do you like this beard?", "No" haha. Or whatever was said XD

- Couldn't be long because still missed Jared and Jensen's autographs. Friday-autograph-session people was put in priority, but it took forever nonetheless.

- Had to stand in long line for just Jared's autograph, but it was worth it (Jensen was still in photoshoot so I had to go back later).

- I felt myself get more and more clumsy as I got closer to his table. I balanced my plastic bag, RichArt and my photo of Jared to get signed when Jared's PA said "No personalities" or whatever and I was like "Huh?" and had no idea what he ment haha. Then I understood that Jared would just be writing his name nothing more. That was okay (got personalitzed autographs by Samantha, Charles, Matt, Gabriel and Richard the day before).

- When it was my turn everything went slow motion. Jared took my RichArt and signed it and said "Hi" with a smile. I blushed and smiled like a dork while just looking at him and trying to decide wether to reach out my hand to shake his or not. I kept eying his bodyguard, but finally decided that I would regret forever if I didn' do it. Once he had signed my photo (I did chose to get my favorite photo signed (one from 2003)) and that went just fine, I took it in the other hand (so he didn't need to drop his pen) and I reached out my hand and said "Thank you so much" and he looked up, slightly surprised. Luckily he took it and gave me a big smile and said it was his pleasure. I grinned like a dork when feeling his hand around mine haha. Big hands! WOOOOH! I was holding hands with Jared Padalecki!

- And like the idiot I am, I left the autograph room with a huge grin on my face and nothing in the hand I had shook Jared's and was like holding it up as if it was holy hahaha.

- When I came back I had time to watch a little of Fredric's panel, but I was so distracted that I just went to my room and put on other shoes. I had my white dress on and a black jacket and I shouldn't really be wearing jog-shoes (training shoes or whatever you call it) to a summer-dress, but right then I couldn't care less. Blisters wasn't exactly what I needed now XD

- I hurried down, realized I had forgotten my RichArt and photo of Jensen in my room, but decided to leave it till after my photoshoot with Fredric and Richard. It felt like walking around naked because I had been carrying that poster around for a time now XD

- Stood in line for the photoshoot when I spotted Katrine again (Catbeist on the rogueevent forum) and said "hi". She's from Norway to so we spoke a little. She was one of the first ones I met when arriving at friday while I was looking for my room with Tanja. She just "NORWEGIAN!" when she saw the ribbon my my bag and I was like "Uh... Yeah. Oh! Catbeist!" and recognized her at once.

- Well inside the photo studio I started to get nervous again. Where on earth was Richard? I just saw Fredric. But then I spotted Richard. He was just standing on the side because single photos and double photos was taken at the same time.

- I grinned like a dork when I stood in front of the camera because now Fredric was standing on one side and Richard on the other, unsure of who was going to be on the photo. I was like "Both" and waved them both in. Then Richard looked at me and asked what my name was. I said "Cathrine" and he repeated it XD I was 50/50 about my photo with them. I look very tired and my hair is a mess haha, but we look like buddies haha. I have my arms around both guys and they around my shoulders ^___^

- Then when the double was done I said "I have one with just Richard" and felt kinda mean to Fredric haha. My head was spinning really. I could speak to Richard, unlike with Jared who I kept flatlining with all the time, but I was getting more and more hyper the longer I was there haha. We had more time here then with Jared and Jensen.

- So Richard asked what I wanted for the photo and all I could squeel out was "hug!" I rolled my eyes and cursed myself silently, but I already had one arm around him, so why not? And then... when I saw the photo later I was so close to scream when the photo-girl handed me them. I was really squeezing Richard! Like the biggest hug I have ever given and gotten!! Haha. I had both around locked around him and he had his around me and... I just looked plain crazy! My face was all fudged up since it was pressed to the side of Richard's face haha. Oh gawd I complained about the photo for the rest of the day (Just as Tanja).

- Speaking of Tanja, unlike yesterday I didn't hang so much with her today. It was sad, but I wanted things done so I could get a relaxing sunday without any photoshoots. But that wouldn't happen because my photoshoot with Misha was pulled over onto sunday as well as my tripple with Samantha, Amy and Matt.

- Just out of the blue I got the idea "Hm, wonder if they still have any photo ops left with Jared tomorrow." So I went to the ticket office and asked if they still had any left and they did. I was taken a back by that, but decided to go for it. Even though I was happy with my first photo with Jared, I didn't want sunday to go without seeing him XD

- It was time to hunt down Jensen's autograph as well, but right now I can't remember wether I went to Jareds photoshoot first or to the autographs XD No! I do! Everything was a little late again so autographs started at the same time with Jared's photshoot and I was a high number so I could wait.

- For Jensen, friday autograph people were put as priorities big time now and we all got to go before everyone. I wanted to shake Jensen's hand too, but as soon as he was done signing my stuff he was over on the next. I was highly dissapointed of him there. A handshake doesn't take much time and you're allowed to look up -_-

- Went straight for Jared's photoshoot and got real nervous again. I swore to myself that now I would try to say more, but nothing came out. I just grinned and said "Hi" and he smiled and said "hi" back again. I had changed my black jacket to a blue bolero or what you call it XD I carefully put my arm around his shoulders and tried not to smile so tight this time. It worked a little bit, but I still look ready to burst into a vulcano of joy XD

- Then it was time to go and relax in the hall where the stage talks were going on and I found out then about the remaining photoshoot had been shoved over to sunday. So I sat and watched the video contest, Misha's panel and Jared's panel. Sadly I didn't have the most brilliant seats during Jared's talks so I didn't get any brilliant photos of him (Well I got some nice ones of him on stage with Jensen), but I let others take care of the photos of Jared's panels, so I could, for the most, sit and listen.

- Jared's panel was so cute. People kept calling him sweetheart and hottie and all that stuff. It was so cute! People also said he did a brilliant job in "When the Levee Breaks" which he appericiated. He spoke of Gilmore Girls, playing bad!Sam and how he like for Sam to go dark side since in Gilmore Girls he was a good kid. I can understand that. Personally I love Sammy, but it's such a fantastic joy to watch Jared play evil that I can't hate him for saying that either.

- I don't fully agree with him with wanting the boys apart though. There I agree with Jensen the most. I want the brothers together. But on the other hand I agree with Jared, it's very interesting seeing scenes with Sam vs. Dean. It's just that it's too heartbreaking in the length and the reason why I fell in love with this show was because of the brotherly love. I don't want to see that go.

- I remember more of Misha's talk on sunday then this one, because I missed some part of it today. He was fun though, like always. Little did I know that he would make tomorrow an overload of Misha for me haha

- It was costume party later that night and before I went there I walked over to where they had started writing down the winners of sunday coffee lounges with Jared, Jensen and Misha. Found out later that Jessica again won Jared's coffee lounge. I wont lie, of course I was jelaous! lol. But it didn't bug me like I had thought it would haha. Probably because I like Jessica and hell she deserved it after hunting down Jared for a loooong time haha. Also... I WONT COFFEE LOUNGE WITH MISHA!!! Haha When I saw my reg. number 517 on that list, I thought I was going to die of shock! I had to look down at my number, up again, then down before I realized "That's me... I... I won a coffee lounge!!!" and with only 5 tickets lol.

- So suddenly I had went from 0 photoshoots on sunday to 3 of them and from 0 coffee lounges to 3! Haha.

- I ran up to the room where I found Tanja and said "I won coffee lounge!!!" and she said "I told you you would!" and I jumped a little squeeling "YES YOU DID!" haha. We got ready for the costume party and Tanja put on black demon lenses. She looked like a real demon! With dark clothes, long beautiful hair and dark eyes!

- The dress I was wearing was pretty much the prettiest thing I had with me, so I kept it on. I hadn't sweat much anyway haha. So we left the room and met the others down stair where we bought a drink and listened to Coby Brown and Jason Manns concerts. I had never heard any of them sing and honestly, I was more talking with others then listening, but it was real nice and cosy!

- I then realized I had forgotten my mask and mini-hat upstairs, so I ran up to get them and got them on. The girls laughed a little and we had some fun. While we sat there I got this brilliant idea that I should wear the hat to Jared and Misha's photoshoots. The girls were like "Nononono" and I was like "Yeah! I totally wil!!"

- I met up with Jessica for some little moments again. We never met and talked for more then some minutes at time over the weekend, but on sunday we would bring some more time together. We talked a bit about our newly won coffee lounges =) Or did we meet? Don't remember. At least we talked on sms XD

- I liked how the evening was more relaxing and although tired as well, it was nice to walk around with the music, people having fun, talking with each others. I also meet Vampyran now and I had recognized her before, but didn't want to say anything before being sure. She looked so pretty! XD

- Tinkabell007 was refusing to believe I was shy, but I am! So I was just as surprised as her for what I did on sunday haha.

- I was restless and tired when we got back to our hotelroom, but I was happy now. Tanja was happy and I decided to take photos from the floor's point of view haha. So I crawled around, opened the door and took pictures out. I took picture of the room (so did Tanja, she took photo of everything I think haha)

- Oh! One thing I almost forgot! When I was in Fredric and Richard's photostudio I almost tripped and fell into Fredric hahaha. I told you I can be a klutz! I wasn't really looking where I was going so I tripped in one of the legs holding the background of the photos up haha. Fredric said something like "Oh oh Careful now" XD
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