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Asylum Con - Sunday Report

If you for whatever reason want to take any photo please link back to this post and credit me =)

Friday Report!
Saturday Report!
Asylum Photos part 1: All guests, J&J panel and Amy/Sam/Matt
Photos Part 2: Jensen & Richard panels
Photos Part 3: Gabriel, Malik, Misha, Jared, end ceremony!

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(2 first photos is mine, Jared photo by justfreefallin, Misha photo by helpspb)

- Photoshoots today: Jared, Misha and Amy/Matt/Samantha

- Coffee lounges today: Richard, Misha and Amy/Samantha

- Wearing the little hat to the photoshoots didn't seem like such a good idea today, but I took it with me nonetheless. Glad I did because, well I'll tell you later, but many was going to see my little hat that day haha.

- It was up early again this day and we got a nice spot in the queue for the first stage talks. Today we had to eat breakfast because I was feeling horribly hungry after not eating the day before. So Tanja took me with her to eat breakfast where she complained I ate too little even when I'm hungry haha. Point is that you don't really get time to eat. Or you forget it. It's sick. There should be people making sure of that haha when we're to stupid to take care of it ourselves

- Misha's photoshoot crashed with my coffee lounge with Amy and Samantha, so myself and some other girls got to go in front of the line for that. I saw with happy eyes that Misha was a hugger! I had my little grey hat on and when it was my turn Misha looked me and said "Nice hat!" and grinned. I thanked and walked right into his arms. First one arm around his back and then "What the hell, why not hug him? He's a hugger!" so I locked my other arm around him also and thought "Woooh! I'm holding Misha in my arms!" and then he locked both arms around me and my brain continued squeeling "Misha's holding me!!" I smiled and thanked for the photo and he said bye. Sadly the photo is horrible!! hahaha. It does NOT look like I have lost 10 pounds and my face looks just sick. I noticed that with many people though, that our faces looked shiny with sweath hahahaa ewwwwwwww. Tanja just said it looked lovely and I looked very very happy and Misha very happy too. I love the photo at the same time as I hate it XD

- I got seat at fourth row with Tanja and the girls for Richard and Jensen's talks, also a little of Gabriel and Charles' stage talks. Richard was now wearing a cap and looked like Bobby. He told us a story about the family of the role he was playing in Band of Brothers, a nice story. I liked hearing about that although I haven't seen that series. Talked about much of the same he did in the coffee lounge. He's also hoping Trickster comes back since they have left it quite open. He's still out there.

- Good thing I had same seats for Jensen's stage talk because I got some real nice and funny photos of him. Even with that adorable smile of his. And I have to say, the bodyguard he had there was AWESOME!! Hahaha. He followed him around even when just changing seats and then when a fan told Jensen about "Torso of the month" and gave a magazine to Jensen, the bodyguard leaned over to look haha. And then Jensen turned around and saw it, so the bodyguard went back to position, blushing. So adorable! Got some cute photos of that! Just check my photo posts i have linked to at the top.

- Jensen also told a story about his girlfriend, Danneel and their dog - which I had NO idea he had haha. It was a real cute story, but you have probably heard it. That Danneel had called Jensen and said she had bought a dog and Jensen asked why not get a dog who needs rescue. To that Danneel said something about this dog needing rescue, just had to pay for it. Then he showed us a photo. So adorable! XD

- Good thing I didn't have laptop with me, because I heard through a friend (another fan) that people back home were acting like idiots. Making big deal out of nothing as usual and fandom wank and all that crap. TYPICAL! I think one of the "wank topics" was about Jensen saying something like "Ah I love that girl" on stage. So when I got home I read a billion different versions of what he said hahaha. Oh common! I couldn't recognize 99% of the shit. GEEZ. JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T LIKE WHAT THEY READ THEY TWIST OTHER PEOPLES WORDS!! Gosh I hate this fandom sometimes!

- Oh yeah of course I get home to read the same fans calling some Asylum goes for liars, again because they don't like what they hear. I can't even remember where I read this crap, but I suppose it was everywhere haha. Geez. Also the thing about Jensen moving out of Jared's house... so what if he does? Sure, I too think that's a little sad, but it makes sense. Both boys has girlfriends and it's not like they stop being bestfriends just like that. I think their friendship is way stronger then that. haha. But of course when people don't hear what they want, the name calling and wank comes.

- Anyway killjoy's! Suck it up and behave. I had fun at the con (after friday haha) and Jensen was fun on stage! He was more fun today then on friday! He made faces, joked, put on sunglasses, showed off, made some so called "dance moves" haha and were just adorable! He even posed like he did in that torso of the month photo (which I also got photo of) and he seemed to have a nice time!

- After Jensen it was time for Gabriel and Malik. I couldn't sit through whole their talk because I had to go again -_- But I got to watch them dance, Malik being sad for nobody dancing with him the day before and Gabe sitting in the chair looking like a kid haha. Then Malik got some girls on stage and danced to the typical 50 cent music or whatever while Gabe went to sit behind on the end of the stage. Some girls went to get him so he danced in the background haha. So adorable!

COFFEE LOUNGES (Richard, Samantha/Amy and Misha)

Richard Spight Jr. (Trickster)
- Richard's coffee lounge was my first one. I was a little late so I had to pull a chair into the circle right beside Richard (and I sat beside him a while before some more late fans came and sat even closer -_- lol). We talked about, you guessed it - his beard, Asylum, Trickster, Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, Jericho, writing, Band of Brothers, fans etc. Speaking of fans, he said he wasn't the type to have screaming fangirls, but we wanted to show he was wrong so that everytime we saw him we should scream and cheer! So we did! XD I certainly screamed as loud as I could when he came on stage later that day XD When Richard's coffee lounge was over we all groaned and of course didn't want to leave. It went too quickly. But it was real nice and made me love that man even more! I loved the Trickster since the first time I saw him in "Tall Tales" and after meeting him at the con I can't help but like him even more. He's such a sweetheart! Despite the fact that I tacklehugged him the day before -_-

- Richard told us that he wasn't sure about going to cons because he couldn't understand why people would want to meet him. He pictured himself sitting at a booth, watching everyone walk by. But he said finally yes to one and soon found out that it was quite fun and people was interested in him. At first con there was someone who recognized him already as soon as he got there.

- I was real nervous meeting him you see, so I just sat there listening and enjoyed the moment haha. I remember someone brought up that he kinda looked like a young Bobby Singer with the cap on and with beard. So if there was to be a flashback scene with young Bobby, Richard should play him hehe. It was the exact thing I was thinking about during his talk!

- When we were done, Richard handshook everyone in the coffee lounge and I thanked him again for coming. I recognized Emy from the Rougeevent forum and met her again in the lift not long after the coffee lounge. We both were totally Richard's screaming fangirls now!

Amy Gumenick and Samantha Smith (Young Mary and grown Mary)
- I felt a little more brave in Amy and Samantha's coffee lounge! When I got there, Matt was sitting beside Samantha too because someone had put the two coffee lounges together. But that was changed so Matt had to leave with his coffee lounge to the room next door. Amy and Matt was SO cute! Matt stood in the door way and said something like "We're gonna have so much more fun then you!" and Amy just waved him off XD

- The girls asked where we came from and I said "Norway" as did another girl (unless that was in Misha's coffee lounge haha). Never saw her again, but cool! XD Someone asked Amy about how it was to fight Jensen in "ITB" and she said it was real cool, but didn't know it was going to be Dean, It was filmed at night in an alley that was so small it wasn't much place to move around. Some else asked Samantha who she has gone "fangirl" on, but she said she hasn't really done that. But she brought up a U2 concert she went too. That it wasn't exactly a fangirling moment, but the excitement and everything going on was real amazing and special. Ya know the feeling when seeing someone you fanboy/girl over.

- Like I said, I got more brave (although it took a while before I dared to ask or got the chance to), but I asked Samantha a question about "When the Levee Breaks." I got all shaky so she didn't get my question at first haha. She told those who hasn't seen the episode to put the fingers in their ears so I could ask. I knew the answer to the question, but I wanted to hear her point of view. Question was about wether she thought that when Sam imagines Mary, if he hears what he wants to hear or what Mary actually would say. Sam answered quickly that yeah, Sam's hearing what he wants to hear because Mary wouldn't have put Dean down like that either. He loves both his sons.

- I also managed to squeel out "I loved to finally see a scene between Sam and Mary" and again Samantha was quick to agree and also mentioned how an amazing job she thinks Jared did. She also brought a little blooper that happened in "When the Levee Breaks" that while Sam was crying and talking to Mary he was so into the whole thing that he forgot his line. He was like crying and suddenly stopped and looked up "What was my line again?" poor guy.

- Amy also talked a little about how she got the role in Supernatural, going right from school, her expectations, her guestrole in Grey's Anatomy etc.

- While some kid gave Samantha a gift, I turned to Amy (I was sitting right beside her) and asked how old she was. I had to ask because I was simply wondering and I wasn't sure. Though her answer was 23, I wasn't surprised. Amy was really beautiful! So kind and sweet and she made eye contact with everyone! After the talk I stood up and shook her hand (again) and thanked her for coming. She smiled and said that it had been real nice to ber here.

- Samantha was also one of those I was looking forward to meet the most. I'm glad I bought a ticket for both her and Amy. She looked different with the short hair, but still beautiful. She also looked you in the eye while talking to you and she also shook my hand when I reached out for hers and thanked her. Lovely coffee lounge!

Misha Collins (Castiel)/Jared's photoshoot
- The coffee lounge with Misha crashed with the Jared photoshoot. So I went to ask how that would be done. The crew said they always checked in on the coffee lounges before ending the photoshoots so they would come and get us. While Misha was a little late for the coffee lounge and we waited in line for him, a crew girl came and asked if anyone was having photo with Jared. I said yeah, so she said I should come with her to the front of the line. All of a sudden I was dead nervous again.

- So I got to come in front of the line for Jared's photoshoot and I got my second photo with him. I looked horrible! I still haven't scanned that photo because I look hidious! The sudden though of the fact that now I'm gonna meet him again made me... trip -_- haha. Yeah I sorta tripped there as well as I did in Fredric and Richard's photoshoot the day before. I now had my little, grey hat on and Jared looked up at it as I came. He didn't say anything, but he got a little smirk on his face, which of course made me not where I was going. So I tripped in, I have no idea actually, so I fell sideways into Jared haha. I was like "Woopsi" and put my hand on him again, knowing too well that this would be the last time I touched him. I said thank you when done and had to hurry out, heart breaking XD

- The coffee loungers still stood in line, but it didn't take long before we could go in. Misha came in with the people. Didn't sit beside Misha, but got a nice spot and he saw my hat again. As everyone found their seats I hear Misha say "That's gotta be the smallest hat I've ever seen" and I look up and see him looking at me. I'm like "Heh, yeah" not really expecting him to mention it again. Then he started talking about that he has seen monkies with smaller hats. We all laugh of course and then Misha asks if the hat has always been that small or if my head has grown since I bought it. We're two minutes into the coffee lounge and everyone's laughing already! I told him back that the hat is so small now because I have allergy so my head is big (not rly of course haha)

- We talk about dogs, somehow and I'm stupid enough bringing up the fact that my dog's mother is called Misha too. I bitchslapped myself on the inside for that. OMG HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID!! Gah I got too brave haha

- Misha was drinking RedBull all day and in the coffee lounge was no exception. One girl started laughing and Misha looked at her with wondering eyes, we all did. Then she said "RedBull gives you wings!" and we all laughed! Misha rolled his eyes and pretended to think it wasn't funny haha. But we kept laughing and laughing. Then Misha started talking about how stupid the idea of RedBull giving you wings when the logo is of a bull haha. Misha later brought up the "RedBull gives you wings" joke on stage, much to the crowd's joy, but he didn't want to take the credit for it, so he told the girl from the coffee lounge to stand up! haha Genious!!

- Misha is SO random its insane. He's a genious. How do he come up with all the jokes? Wish I remember all his other jokes haha Misha started talking about Jared and that he's an asshole hahaha. Everyone in the coffee lounge gasped and laughed. Jared was next door and we could hear him talk, so Misha just "Oh shut up in there!" XD They're such idjits haha

- Again we all groaned when the coffee lounge was over and we stood up and thanked for everything. I didn't move, just sat there and thought "Hmmm... Misha would look funny with this hat on... Should I..." "MISHA!" I cursed myself all the while It went on. I jumped up, he turned around and I was like "Nonononono" to myself. "Take this on!" I pulled off my grey little hat and put it on him. He was like "Okay" and there I stood, pulling at the strap and put the cute little thing on Misha. Some people still left in the room giggled. Then Misha walked a little around the room, looking like a hurt puppy (and opened another RedBull). So cute XD Then I forgot about the rule about no photos in the coffee lounge... O_o I hurried out then hehe

- I walked around like a giggling fangirl after getting out of the room, found my way into Palace Suit (stage talks-party room) where Amy, Samantha and Matt was on stage. Again I had missed their talk. It was sad because I don't have too many photos of them because of that. So I sat down watching the rest of their talk (knowing that as soon as they're off I have to go to their photoshoot)

- Then we wait a little before Misha comes on stage and... then I just died a little when he didn't have the hat on. Yeah I was a little dissapointed okay? XD But then as he stepped onto the stage I see he pull something familiar up and put it on his head and my jaw hits the floor. The room goes from cheering, slightly calming down before a giggle grows in the hall. I looked around and it was like every camera was directed at him! Man I blushed and laughed and cheered and felt a little proud (okay very proud) to see Misha Collins wearing my little hat! The idea I had come up with the evening before about wearing it to the photoshoot had suddenly turned a little bigger haha.

- "I raised you from predition!" Misha starts growling that out with a joking voice and the crowd laughs even more. Here you have a grown up man with a tiny hat on his head and making funny voices! Gosh I love him!

- I sat for a while before leaving again to queue (oh how I hate that word now) for Amy, Samantha and Matt. This one went slow, but I know why. Some were having single photos with some of them, some with two of them, some with everything, some with tripple... so. Yeah. I was only having a tripple and I am SO curious on how it turned out because I had to leave without it. I have to get it in the post. I don't even remember who was standing where!

- While waiting in line, suddenly Samantha bursts out of the photoshoot door, stops in the middle of the corridor between the stage talk room and photo studio, the whole corridor quites down a little before she vanishes into the photo studio again haha. I was like "What was that?" haha.

- I finally get in, where it still goes slow, for the reasons I had guessed. I wish I had single photos too to drag out the time, but ah well. Now I'm trying to remember who stood where. I remember delivering my note over to one of the photo studio people showing I had all three of them, but then I go blank. I'm pretty sure I had Matt on my right hand and then I think I had Amy at my left with Samantha beside her. But, I'm not completely sure. I can't even remember what I was doing. All I could think was "Little hat on Misha." haha. Gosh I am so pathetic! -_- I bet I had that tight smile again as if I was in pain haha. I told myself to smile big and happy everytime, but I got nervous everytime so my smile got all... boing!!! Weird haha

- I hurried to see if my photo with Misha or Jared had come on the table yet, but no such luck. So I hurried into the stage hall again where I found a seat as far upfront I could get. Which wasn't too impressive, but at least I could see the people on stage fine without the bigscreens. I'd just let other people take care of the photographing.

- Then Jared came on stage to say goodbye. (Okay so my memory sucks, he probably came on stage BEFORE I left for the last photoshoot, but I was there to see it) He put a hand on Misha's shoulder and talked a little with us and Misha before he started playing with my little hat! I died just a little then haha. He put it on, but it jumped off because his head's too big lol. So he picked it up and placed it on Misha. Then he went off stage before coming back on stage with plastic wings!! He ducks down behind Misha and holds the wings up! hahaha! How can one not love these guys?

- My tummy started to hurt when Misha was on stage. And for so long! haha. He had to take Jensen's auction because Jensen was busy, but Misha isn't a bad replacement and he seemed to enjoy the hell out of himself! The started speaking like they do at auctions, yelling out the prices and bids in a crazy hurry. Was so much fun!

- Then later on Malik and Gabe came on stage with Misha and they did some dance moves. Again! Got some funny photos of that too. Then there were loads of clapping and cheering for the crew and guests and all. Was bittersweet really. It had been hell on friday, but it had been so much better the following days and it had been fun and memories for life, but we were tired as well haha.

- I was starting to wonder if none of the guests would come on stage, but finally they did. Richard came on in real Kung Fu style and as promised, I screamed! XD Then there was Malik, Gabriel, Amy, Misha (checking Amy out haha), Samantha, Jason, Fredric, Matt and finally a tired, but kind Jensen! I missed seeing Jared there, but at least he had come on stage earlier :/ I couldn't decide wether to clap or take photos so I took photos, then clapped, took photos, then clapped and just did both sometimes too. Not nice photos haha.

- And then it was over. So sad. Everyone into the halls, impossible to move. Wanted to look for my photo ops now, but there was no point when 1400 people were doing the same. So I came with Tanja to eat at the bar where the rest of the girls were. Dead tired all of us I got some sweet photos and we ate. Chickhen salad! Mmmm. And then it was up again and poor Tanja. She was so sick of me stressing around. I couldn't help it though haha. I was tired, but I had to run around anyway XD

- After some hours I still hadn't found my photos and I was getting rather anxious. I didn't like the idea of getting the photos in the post. Finally I did find my second with Jared and then even later, in the nick of time, me and Misha. Sadly, I have to wait to get my photo with Amy, Samantha and Matt in the post.

- I kinda decided to look for Jessica and Frida now because since it was the last night, I would want to try and spend a little time with them as well. I met up with Tanja and the girls later too though. So I finally met swedish Jessica (Jessie84) and Frida and took some photos together (with Jessica) and I of them etc. Then we sat in the bar a little looking at each other's photo ops etc.

- We also were stuck in 2nd floor when Jessica and Frida met some girls they knew. Amazing how everyone I met was so nice and sweet! So we talked for a while, I felt so rude, but I was so restless and hyper so I kinda were all over the place! I am SO sorry about that, but I couldn't help it. It was real nice talking to you! Honestly! =) Made it more sad that it was last day though!

- Then I met some fellow norwegian and spoke with them for a while. That was cool. I told them about Misha and my hat and they were like "THAT WAS YOURS???" haha. They too were proud when they found out it was a norwegian who had put it on Misha haha. They were also looking for their photos ^___^

- Then later I found Tanja, Martina and the rest at the disco and we sat there and a nice last hours. It was a late night (fine with me since I wasn't leaving before way too late on monday -_-). I said goodbye to Martina this evening and to some others just in case.

- On monday I got up, a little sad heh, ate breakfast with Tanja, Sherry and the Alona Tal-clone I just keep forgetting the name on her! SORRY!! I found Jessica and hugged her goodbye and then Tanja left too :( I was bored, but I paid to sit an hour on the computer at the hotel before getting on the plane to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Oslo. *Sniffle*

Tired but happy. I looked drugged. Tanja (angels_cordy), me and Sherry (yukisherry)
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